51–261 Project 2 ⋅ Gestalt Principles

Qiyun Chen - September 9th, 2020

Sketches for 51–261 Project 2

Order — the organized, patterns, even, familiar, expected, continued, equilibrium.

For order, I made sketches that reflect the above words, reflecting items and patterns that are commonly seen, easily predictable, or to some degree symmetrical.

Tension — combat, unstable, pressure, stress, randomness, crammed, intense, motion, irregularity, imbalance, unknown.

For tension, I tend to think about more combating parties, whether it’s the one square itself with the border or between squares. Emphasizing conflict/contrasting ideas is another thing that I want to show.

For example, the bottom left sketch intends to show a regular and known route strictly surrounded by solid black squares, forming the visual of a route with one and only way to go from top-left to bottom right, whereas the outside shows two irregularly and randomly positioned boxes outside the strict route, maximizing their contrast.

Congestion––crowded, squashed, imbalanced, surrounded, excess.

For congestion, my main focus is on creating a bottleneck or a target of attention in the sketches to create the feeling of being stuck or hitting blocks.

Playfulness––unexpected, chaotic, unexpected, happy, fun, particles.

For playfulness, I think about the crashes between different sizes of squares. Playing around with the distribution of whitespaces also adds in motion and tendency to the sketches. I also did a sketch based off the inspiration of hide-and-seek by revealing very little black squares.

Comfort–––corner, surrounded, curves, protected, warmth, depth.

For comfort, I focused on creating an atmosphere of corner and protection by sketching tilted squares around the corner. In addition, I added stableness by drafting stable squares at the bottom of the sketches parallel with the ones up above.