51–261 ⋅ Project 3–2 Typeface Poster

Part One: Research into History

  • an ‘e’ with a small eye and the bowl of the ‘a’ which has a sharp turn at top left.
  • Clear stroke contrast and capital letters on the model of Roman square capitals.
  • The ‘M’ is slightly splayed with outward-facing serifs at the top (sometimes only on the left) and the leg of the ‘R’ extends outwards from the letter.
  • The x-height (height of lower-case letters) is low, especially at larger sizes, making the capitals large relative to the lower case, while the top serifs on the ascenders of letters like ‘d’ have a downward slope and ride above the cap height.
  • The axis of letters like the ‘o’ is diagonal and the bottom right of the italic ‘h’ bends inwards.
  • Besides general characteristics, writers on type have generally praised the even quality of Garamond’s type.

Part Two: Sketches

Part Three: Attempts

1. Attempt One

Attempt One

2. Attempt Two

Attempt Two — 1
Attempt Two–2
Attempt 2–3

Attempt Three

Attempt 3–1
Attempt 3–2
Attempt 3–3

Attempt Four

Attempt 4–1
Attempt 4–2
Attempt 4–3

Final Poster

Final Poster




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