Final Project — Campaign

Final project for Instagram post style campaign.

Part 1: Information collection

Topic: Food Insecurity

Basic Research: Food insecurity, defined as the state of not being able to gain access to sufficient amounts of fresh and nutritious food, is a pressing issue that impacts many population around the world and in the Pittsburgh area. It is estimated that 1 in 7 people in the United States is food insecure (2017). Even in our Allegheny County, the food insecurity rate is 14.2% and the children food insecurity rate is 17.8%.

Local Orgs:

CMU Food Drive (Can Across the Cut, etc.) — monetary and food collection.

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank — distribution.

412 Food Rescue — collection and distribution.

Just Harvest — empowerment, law/policy efforts.

Part 2: Instagram Post research

Instagram post refer/research — @nutritiondiversified on Instagram

I really like their illustrations, I think they have really concise and eye-catching ins posts. I like how they use imageries that are apparent and easy to understand as well.

Part 3: Initial design ideas

I wanted to try more bold colors rather than going with soft colors, which I am comfortable with. Thus I went with more bold colors as shown below.

Initial Design Template
Final Design Template

Based on a few suggestions, I looked up a few famous artists for their work with more bright colors.

See some of the selected artworks below:

1. Andy Warhol

The below art work reminds people of vintage advertisement but also I really like the color combinations they entail.

Andy Warhol

2. Yayoi Kusama

The colors are so bold and beautiful, speaking of different emotions.

Yayoi Kusama “Mushrooms”

3. Pop art

During research, I found `pop art` was what I was looking for. Despite it being kind of extreme (owning really bright colors, might be harder for me to transition into), it gave me inspirations on posters.

The Power of Pop Art — Artist PopLab

10 Famous Pop Art Artists You Should Know | Widewalls

Those are really cool and out of the box for me to look at, since what I’ve been used to are mostly shades of faint colors like the initial design template I had. I wanted to challenge myself with some new design ideas, so I tried to work more towards bright color and pop art direction.

Part 4: Design Iterations

1. Initial Designs

What I did & Thoughts:

One issue with going bold is it’s hard to keep consistency between the pages, in order to do that, I designed it so that every background shape stretches across two posts.

Feedback I got (super helpful):

boxes are limiting, I could have less words, make words larger, have a reason for the shapes you draw out, be explainable.

2. Second Iterations

What I did & Thoughts:

I made a colored half rotten tomato! Yea!

Feedback (also super helpful)

Try more familiar fonts (although I have to say, I do like the font in this iteration a lot lol), InSecurity feels like “In Security” instead of “Insecurity”, the shape looks like a virus rather than rotten, might bring misunderstanding, don’t need the “Food Insecurity Definition”, try to make it engage more and not just be at the corner, add a bit background color (more communication of background and content).

3. Final Iterations

Spoiler alert: I got a corn now. :D

I made changes based on suggestions given to me and this is my final poster. I had fun making it.

Some interesting posters to see: so this is a random product of me turning the canvas black, posting it here just for fun (it’s pretty rough haha), I think black background actually fits pretty well with the food insecurity topic. XD

Attaching a beautiful sliced tomato (picture from Google online)

Have an awesome week (and further beyond!)